A Healed Digital Experience
Barbara Brennan School of Healing
Barbara Brennan School of Healing

A Healed Digital Experience

How we bring scalability and better UX to BBSH's digital presence

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When NASA's physicist Barbara Brennan quit the agency and founded the School, she was writing a new chapter for holistic healing techniques. Fast-forward a few decades and here we are, collaborating with Lisa and Stuart to take her legacy forward. 🤲✨ This is an ongoing project. Come back regularly to see more updates!

Besides overseeing workshops from Tokyo to Anchorage, BBSH offers training programs in 5 locations around the globe— including a Bachelor of Science degree. When they first got to us, they were looking for a major website overhaul. Tearing the 12-year old (almost a teenager!) portal down allowed us to identify opportunities, create innovative solutions, and even redesign some internal processes.

The Website

Our first challenge was going under the website's hood and coming up with a new architecture that would perform and feel better. We took our time to understand and break the visitor's journey down— from curiosity to finding a licensed healer, from buying books to enrolling in a program.

Making those changes naturally implied in waving goodbye to the old Wordpress-based backend to welcome a more modern tech stack.

After we've revamped BBSH's online shop, sales increased by 58.4%. Alongside, the overall performance score jumped from 33 to 96 out of 100, according to PageScore. ⚡️

Register and pay, seamlessly

Listening to users, we discovered that they missed a smoother way to get their workshop seats booked.

The new flow now allows attendees to fill out their info and pay for their tickets in a single round, using the e-commerce backend to process orders.

New Student Portal

All school-related documents —workbooks, worksheets, forms, and so on— are available to students and faculty members through the webapp we built. Sit down, pull up your phone, and keep your studies going.

Design System

To make sure users get a consistent User Experience across all channels, we needed to implement a robust source of truth with solid (yet thorough) guidelines. We expanded the first set of UI elements to make them fit a variety of use cases, allowing us to future-proof our design decisions.

Based on Shift Design System

Made for mobile, beautiful on desktop

The beauty in the design systems we build is that they're inherently responsive. That means BBSH's new solutions are all 100% compatible (and pretty) with any screen size.

"Thank you for all the work and thought you have put into this project thus far, you should be congratulated on your professionalism and attention to detail. It is much appreciated!"
— Stuart Adams, Operations

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